Osmotic Narratives

During the four-day workshop taking place in the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin I was stimulated by the context in which it took place. The focus of the IN Residence workshop was to create with sensation and without overthinking. The creative process started with exploring the museum and taking photos of the place. I went on to make very quick collages with the photographic material. In the further process I translated the collages into available material which was available on site. I started to work with thin metal wire to build a construction for an object. This “quick and dirty” construction turned out to be the actual object as I realized the beauty in its roughness and fragility. To accentuate the movement of the object in the wind, I added some airy plastic threads which were leftovers from the daily market nearby.

wire, plastic thread

paper, printed photos

Alessa Joosten creates wearable objects between the fields of design, fashion and art based in Düsseldorf Germany.